The Qube


Key Features List (What you get for your money ;):

  • A Selection of High-Octane Game Modes & Endless challenging fun!
  • Varied difficulty Levels & Modes of play for high level of
  • More Fleet Members to Unlock & Unleash!
  • More Floors to Explore & Qonquer!
  • More Power Ups to Discover!
  • Great 3D Graphics and Full 3D Camera control & 3D Sound!
  • Lots of breathtaking Backdrops!
  • Great Soundtrack to complement the addictive game action!
  • Force Feedback (Logitech or other supported device) Gamepad support for extra control & an enhanced experience!
  • Play your CD's while you play!
  • Free Updates & Patches!
  • Free Help & Support via Email & Online!
  • Improve your Family Life!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarentee!
  • Simple, Safe & Secure online purchasing via Softwrap