The Qube



Click the Link below to download the first Full Version / Demo
of 'The Qube', but, before you attempt to get your bytes on it,
remember to check out the system requirements to avoid
post-execution dissapointment!

If you can't be bothered to check it right now, I suggest you at
least download 2 things first (if you haven't already). Grab DirectX 9.0c or later here (it won't run without it, so it's a

Demo / Full version:

Fleet Mushot
The Qube (Demo / Full version) V2.00 - 20th June 04 - (22.1MB)

Changes, Improvements & Additions Info:
Click Here or check out the supplied 'readme.txt' for a list of all
the MASSIVE & vast amount of changes, improvements & additions!

How to register the FREE update:
If you've already purchased 'The Qube', after installing / updating your current version, you will simply need to press the 'Register' button, which will allow you to play your full (now updated) game as usual as this update is FREE. (You must be connected to the Internet to register)

Demo / Purchase Info:
Please read PURCHASE NOTE UPDATE before purchasing!
The Demo mode will allow you to play 2 Floors in any game
mode, on any level of difficulty, with a limited amount of Fleet
members! Roughtly 75% of the game is locked until you've
purchased it, and at £10, after some Qubing, I think you'll
agree it's worth it! Just Click the 'Buy Now' button after
executing the game!

Also feel free send your thoughts/questions/bugs & regarding
'The Qube' to one of the email addresses in
the Support link on the left!

Don't forget to check out 'The Qube' forums to emmunicate
with other Qubers forTips, Cheats, Secrets, questions,
discussion and all things qubed!

Softwrap - Safe & Secure

(PURCHASE NOTE : It has not been possible to update this game since 2004 because the code was unfortunately lost. So regardless of bugs/playing problems you may (or may not) experience after purchase, your purchase entitles you to a free copy of gameDentity (same value) and a free copy of the next (God willing) game release! By purchasing this game, you are accepting it in it's current state, although this does not affect your right to the 30 Day Full refund as standard!)

For more information on purchasing and other end user queries
go to